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My first Himalayan Trek, Hampta pass trek


Trekking is an adventure that once you are into it you cannot get it out of you. You lure more and more of it. It's even more tempting when its himalayan one. Yes, a lifetime experience, mixed feelings, strenuous but in the end a wonderful experience with.lots of memories.

Hampta Pass Trek

Day 1: Pick up point: Manali Mall Road.

And we are late (eeekksss!!! a bad start to the trip) too much hurry!!! Our bus failed to reach on time. Big Mistake to arrive on the same day. But we made it. Pheeewww!!!! Started with a sumo journey to reach the base point.i.e. Jobra The car ran round and round like a roller coaster ride. Haha.... It was raining. The weather was beautiful. The feeling was yet to sync in. If the rains continue it was going to be tough for us. But the rain stopped when we reached the base point. Finally we offloaded our backpack and now.... on your mark get set go! Let your legs do the work. It was a 2-3 hours trek, depending on the trekkers speed. Easy to start with. The view was mesmerizing at least for a mumbaiite it has to be as we don't see much of a greenery. We reached our base camp Chikha. It was first day. A day to know other trekkers. The trek leaders elaborated making and unwrapping the tent. We got introduced with other trekkers, realized many of us were first time trekkers. We had our food and then off to sleep. Our first ever night in the tent.

Day 2: Chikha Base Camp:

The day started with a cup of tea. The view was beautiful with the sun rising over the mountains and water. Get ready and we are served our nashta. We wrap our tent and leave for the trek. The trek for the day is 4-5 hours long. A difficult ascend starts from here. Some people found it hard. They decide to return back. So, some 3-4 trekkers were taken back to Manali. Mountains trekking is not an easy task. It is said that you can go to the mountains only when it calls you. 'Mountains calling....' you see in our own modern terms. However, we were told that we have a river crossing today. We all trekkers had separated depending on the speed. I was one of the slow walker at the trek. So when I reached near the river, some fast trekkers had already done their river crossing. Its a task to cross the river when the river is freezing cold and yes the fast flow of river can take you along. But the trek leaders do their job just perfectly. We also had a dog with us who wanted to keep crossing the river. One of the trek leader made him cross the river but he wanted to come back. In that exercise he was almost at the edge of the river and  he could have been drowned. But there he goes, he struggles but finally holds on to the rock. The moment he jumped on the rock we all yelled and clapped for him. Yeeyyy!!! The weather was dancing from cold air to sunny rays. We reached the base camp site for 2nd day .i.e. Balu ka Ghera. We did not have a literal camp fire on the trek. But yes we did have our share of fun. Many of us gathered in a tent and played antakshari. Then a special weird dance by a little star named 'Chotu'. It was weird dance but full of fun.

Day 3: Balu ka Ghera Base Camp:

We were told that we had to walk on snow for most part of the day. It is supposed to be the longest day. Some 8-9 hours. Some hours ascend, reach at the peak and then descend. At the base camp,  we all were given a pair of crampons. Crampons are used to walk in the snow. We started by making a chain to walk on the snow, but as usual, slow walkers were behind and fast ones moved ahead. After sometime we put our crampons on. Man!!! its strenuous. For me, the 3rd day was most difficult I was on the verge of quitting. But yes! the trek leaders never let you quit and what more to ask than your motivating friends. The trek leaders accompanied slow walkers. The trek leaders never left any group alone, be it fast movers or slow ones. Finally, we were at the peak. Yiippeee!! Its brings you the superb breathtaking view of the snow. All this pains is worth it when you see the beauty around you. We waited there for sometime and then started our descend. Yes! we still had some trek left for the day. The descend started with snow and then rock descend which makes this trek a bit difficult. For me, descend is easy compared to ascend. The descend was some part in snow and some rocks and some normal ground walking. We also had a slide in the snow. The bachha wala slide..... The slide was the fun part to be in snow and also play at the same time. Finally, We reached at the  base camp site for the day .i.e. Shea Goru. Everyone was tired but we were served garma-garm bhajiya, followed by soup, tea. Many of us did not turn up for dinner that night and I was one of them. But the kitchen staff was so nice to serve us Milk with Bournvita. Some of them did another get-together for the day,the ones who were not tired. This was the most chilling day of the trek. I can say that this was one trek wherein one can see all kinds of weather. One can experience snow, pure green mountains, rocks, water flowing from the rocks, a line up of forest kinda trees, everything summed up in a trek. Kuch jyda toh nai ho gaya ;) I am sure its not enough.

Day 4: Shea Goru Base Camp:

This day we had to descend. Not too tiring day but yes definitely hard day to descend. The mountains had different color during descend. A completely different scenarios. No snow, no trees. But still a beautiful view while climbing down, which was no less than the previous day. The best part of descend is that one can have full panoramic view. The long view of the surroundings. By afternoon we had reached at the base camp.i.e. Chatru. We completed our trek. Woohooo!!! We had option to visit Chandratal Lake which is an added attraction in this trek. But this wholly and solely depends on the weather and the time left for the day. And we were short of time. But still some of us decided to visit Chandratal lake and few decided to stay back at the camp site. I stayed back at the camp site. What we did was play cards... yes. It was beautiful to feel the mountains around you. Relax and just let the feeling sync in. It was a fabulous feeling of completion of trek.

Day 5: Chatru Base Camp:

We did not have a trek today but we were supposed to reach at Manali which was also our pick up point. The first thing in the morning was receiving our certificate. It was an amazing feeling to complete the trek and hold the certificate. What an achievement! I want to come back here in Mountains. But it was time to leave. We greeted our good byes. We exchanged numbers, hoping to be in contact. The sumo was ready and it took us to Manali. The beautiful view did not end till the trek, the jeep took us on and off the mountains. While getting down to Manali, we saw yet another beautiful scenery, water running down through the roads. Climbing one mountain and getting down to climb another one. We also passed the famous Rohtang pass. The feeling while descending was inexplicable. Amazing is the word. One of my friend said she wanted to go back there. We all had the same feelings. Finally, we are at the Manali.

Our trek was over, but we take back lots of memories. Once you climb the mountains you always want to go back. I also want to come to mountain again. Hoping the mountains call me. I will wait for my another trek.

Until then this is Devangini signing off.

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